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Nicolas Masson (saxophone, composition)

Colin Vallon (piano)

Patrice Moret (acoustic bass)

Lionel Friedli (drums)

Parallels is made of some of the most talented and sought after musicians on the young Swiss jazz and improvised music scene. Drawing inspiration from unexpected sources, Parallels is offering music at the same time remotely familiar and completely unclassifiable.

Third Reel

Nicolas Masson (saxophone, clarinet, composition)

Roberto Pianca (guitar, composition)

Emanuele Maniscalco (drums, composition)

ECM Player


Member of the ECM Records roster, Third Reel is a mutual collaboration between guitarist Roberto Pianca, saxophonist Nicolas Masson and drummer Emanuele Maniscalco.

The contemporary jazz lesson (from Brooklyn to northern Europe) finds in this ensemble its personal response, unitary and aware of its influences and references. There is no need to impress audiences, but over time, the need of waiting for the ideal sound for every moment explored.



Nicolas Masson (saxophone, composition)

Russ Johnson (trumpet)

Eivind Opsvik (acoustic bass)

Gerald Cleaver (drums)


Deeply rooted in a tradition that goes beyond the history of jazz, encompassing an amazing variety of styles underlining Nicolas’ rich musical background, the Quartet is free to explore without being impeded by stylistic boundaries.
The supporting cast is made of New York based musicians, all at the forefront of the contemporary jazz scene.



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